Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's 2012 already and the world did not end like the movie '2012' so YAY for that! My old blog is not gonna be deleted and you can read my really old posts from when I was an emo teenager till last year so click here to be redirected to there.

I made my own blog header using Photoshop(I am actually glad that they actually teach us how to use Photoshop in my course.) and I added a little dragon there to represent my surname and roots. I wanna give credit to the person who created the free font called Jellyka Delicious Cake and to the person who created the dragon font called HFF Chinese Dragon too cause I would never have the skill, creativity and generosity to even make the font and share it for free. I got them from dafont.com ,where you can download free fonts, there's lotsa nice fonts there.

I hope this blog will be memorable as time passes by.:)

My next post will be my so-called Resolutions for this year so wait for it!XD

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