Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wunderbath Time!

I finally have time to bring life to this inactive blog and you have no idea how happy I am for this!

If you haven't heard about Wunderbath then it's time to make your way to their first physical store located in Da:Men USJ. Though the traffic there is a pain but it's worth the journey!

They officially launched their store back in 28 January this year and I was one of the lucky ones to have the first look of the store.

A bathtub is not complete without some duckies!

Looks like ebi sushi but it's not a sushi!

It was also the launch of their latest product, the Wunderbutter Spray! If you feel that the Wunderbutter Body Butter is too rich for you, you can go for the spray version instead which is lighter and great for traveling! 

Got to witness an interesting demo from Shafiqah, makeup guru of Pinkboxcereal on multiple ways you can use the Lip Stains on your face.

Kye Lin and Evelyn Wunderbath
Me with Evelyn, Founder and Girl Boss of Wunderbath.

Here's the collection of snaps from my Snapchat from that day!

So far I have used their fried chicken, fried egg (Don't worry they don't smell like the real thing!) and diamond soap because 'we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky'. Also tried out Youth Potion (RM24.90, 50ml) from their latest range of Wunderbutter Sprays and it's the best for those lazy days where you can't be bothered to slather on your lotion. It's so easy, just spritz it on your arms and legs and don't forget your back too.

Source: Wunderbath
You know how much I love their Lip Stains range too and now I have all the colours! Usually I will switch the colours according to what lipstick I'm planning to wear for the day but on a daily basis there's at least 2 Lip Stains in my bag. Can't live without them!

What Wunderbath products have you tried? 

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