Saturday, March 8, 2014

Beachin in my dreams

I love Polyvore! Or you can say my love for Polyvore is back! Recently, I stumbled upon a pretty cool website called Glasses Online selling designer glasses and sunglasses plus contact lenses as well. Then, that Derek Lam, Sammy sunglasses caught my eye and my imagination went wild! I always have a thing for leopard-esque brown shades like these. Even when I'm playing Sims 3, I always make my character wear sunglasses like these with her swimwear.

I imagined that with that sunglasses, I would be lounging on the beach with a good book. Clad in a white one-piece swimsuit with gold flip-flops and a woven bag. Very Hollywood-esque. Well, only in my dreams I am living that glamorous vacation. But if I win those sunglasses then I am one step closer to my dream vacation! Help me get a step closer by liking my post on Glasses Online's Facebook Page!
Life's a Beach!

Life's a Beach! by kyelin13 featuring metallic handbags

So what kind of sunglasses will you bring to your dream vacation?

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