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(Advertorial) Get brighter and smoother skin with KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion!

I always heard of KOSÉ’s beauty products especially their Sekkisei line and how it’s really good for Asian skin but I never got the chance to try any of their products. Another reason was I’m afraid that I’ll get an allergic reaction from it, because having sensitive skin is such a bother. However, recently I received some samples of KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask so I gave it a go! I am giving away 24 of these samples to you guys so 24 of you have a chance to try out this legendary lotion at the end of this post! Maybe you’ll look like Ariel Lin after using this mask?

One thing’s for sure, I didn't know that KOSÉ and this lotion was in the market since 1946! So I can see why it’s one of the best-selling whitening lotions until now. Legendary and a must try for us all. At first I didn't know whether it is used as a toner or a moisturizer because I never used a product where it can be used as a toner and a mask as well. Whatever it is, if it works for Ariel Lin, it better work for me!

What makes this lotion legendary? These three main ingredients are the winning combination of this whitening lotion!

Coix Seed Extract helps to increase your skin’s metabolism, it helps in whitening, moisturizing, and preventing your skin from roughness.

Angelica Extract from the Umbellifer Angelica plant which grows in rocky mountain areas is said to help your skin by disinfecting, whitening, and moisturizing it.

Melothria (White Lotus) Root extract helps to suppress melanin production of our skin and provides whitening effects as well.

All three of those ingredients have one thing in common, all of it has whitening properties! 

Product Information:

Get deep translucency with the power of oriental plant extracts, even for dull skin. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated “snow-white” skin.

  1. Made based on a “beautiful translucent skin recipe” with items carefully selected out of approximately 100 types of oriental plants. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated, translucent skin like snow, using the hydrating power of gentle oriental plant extracts (Those three main ingredients above!).
  2. Balances out the skin’s moisture levels, preventing dullness, roughness, and pimples caused by dryness, as well as redness caused by sunburn from sunlight, or by the sun’s reflection in snowy areas. Well, we don’t have snowy areas but the Sun here is pretty bad too!
  3. The cloudy white lotion blends instantly into the skin, just like melting snow, creating fine-textured, plump skin. With a refreshing, light sensation, the lotion leaves the surface of the skin feeling silky smooth, yet hydrated. Your skin regains its natural pure translucency down to your pores.
  4. Plus, it can be used on your face, neck, body & as a mask.

The samples I have already contains masks soaked in the Sekkisei Lotion so I just washed my face and I also used a peeling gel to scrub off all the dead skin so that I can test how moisturizing and how much fairer I can be after using the lotion. But ok seriously, I feel that if you really want to test how effective the product is then you have to make sure your face is scrubbed clean! That’s how I do it. 

Clean face! Visible pores, dry skin on cheeks and oily t-zone and dull complexion.

So I put the mask on my face and it was cool on my skin but next time I’ll store it in the refrigerator so it will be cooler. Texture wise, it was light and like water. So keep it on your face for 5-10 minutes.
I kept it for about 10 minutes and after taking it off, I just pat my skin and piano pat it upward, I don’t know how else to describe it, it’s like you’re playing the piano on your face and play it upwards instead. Then I used the excess from the mask and pat it on my neck as well.

I really like this! I didn’t have much expectation for it but my skin looked plump and it was smooth and fairer than before. I can see why it is the best whitening lotion. I’m going to try it again this week to see how much changes it can give.

Fairer, plumper and smoother skin! I feel like Ariel Lin already! :P


KOSÉ is searching for their Sekkisei Miss Cinderella. Do you think you are the fairest of them all and are you KOSÉ Malaysia’s Sekkisei Cinderella? Cinderella’s can check out the link below to know if they are the Miss Cinderella KOSÉ is searching for. J


I am giving away 24 samples to 24 of you who answer these two questions correctly in the comment section! It’s really easy! It’s all up there! ;) May all of us have beautiful fair skin like Ariel Lin!

- What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
- Name one of the benefits of the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

If you’re ready to get yourself a bottle of this awesome whitening lotion, here are the prices for the Sekkisei Lotion:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260
Available in every KOSE counters.

For more information about KOSÉ Malaysia and the Sekkisei Lotion check out these links:

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