Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm not feeling 22, the birthday roundup

Seriously, I can't believe I'm 22 already! I still feel like 21 but I took a reality check after my birthday. No big celebrations this year and I didn't feel like doing anything big. Maybe cause I'm growing too old for those sweet 16-esque/ big ol' 21 kind of parties. Anyhow, I was happy to celebrate it later with my family and close friends! :)

Also I should be hunting for jobs like all the others who already has stable job and income (peer pressure level: HIGH) but travel plans are on the way! I will jet-setting to the land of K-pop and K-dramas, South Korea with my lil sisters and the beau on the 21st this month until the 29th so I'M GOING TO BE SPENDING CHRISTMAS THERE, LIKE OMG *CUE* WINTER SONATA SCENE! I'M SO EXCITED~ AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT~

So the familia and I had dinner at Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar since they have never been there before. I had the Grilled Chicken and it was delish though the rice was a bit burned since the plate was sizzling hot so it was still cooking. It was my second time dining there since the first time was during KL Restaurant Week 2013 and I really liked the course they created. I should blog about it soon cause it was ages ago. After dinner we went to watch Catching Fire. It was the second time I'm watching it but I still love it! Really good movie that is a must watch for everyone!

Then I got surprised by the besties the following week. I thought it was just going to be a dinner with the beau at BLACKmarket but the whole group was there so their surprise worked!

Seriously, they just have to spell out Kraken instead of my name. -_-lll  I wanted to take the bunny bowl where they serve their tiramisu (tasted ok but I have tasted better ones elsewhere) in but I resisted. It's a very cute bunny bowl and I wonder where I can get my hands on it the legal way. Food wise, the food was just meh. It claimed to be serving semi-fine dining food but from the food presentation and taste itself, it was more of a cafe-style food. Environment wise it was semi-fine dining, I give them that. I think that's because it's right next to C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S and owned by the same family too.

My Grilled Pork with Red Wine sauce. The sauce was ok but I expected the pork to be more flavourful and the sides to be more interesting than the typical potato salad. With a price above RM20 for a main, I don't think it's worth it.

We headed to C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S anyway after dinner and we chilled a bit over there. It gets super crowded around 10pm with loads of people having drinks while they shisha the night away. Their potato wedges with sauce was good, especially the sauce! I ordered a glass of wine cause I wanted to try out one of the Muscat wine I saw in their wine menu.

Me likes this wine! Though I was a lil tipsy after that glass which was RM25. Well, at least I found another alcoholic drink that me likes. I find the menu here more interesting as well. Will come back to try out the mains and etc.

My beau and my love. :)

Thank you my dears for the surprise and the dinner and the gifts! I love ya long time! I'll post of a review of what they got for me in another post cause it's so pretty that it deserves a post of its own.

Third round is with the Karats family and we had dinner at Dancing Fish. The food here is like the usual ordering dishes to share, accompanied with a bowl of rice each. The dishes were not bad but still can't be compared to the ones you can get at coffee shops which are tastier and cheaper too. However, I love that they have Paku stir fry. You rarely find restaurants which have supply of Paku.

The cakes were from Just Heavenly. Apple Crumble, Tiramisu (Is it me or does everyone buy tiramisu cakes for birthdays? I guess it's one of the safe options!) and Chocolate cakes which was wiped cleaned at the end. So yes, the cakes were heavenly! I wish I could bake delicious cakes like that! Shall keep baking on until I get better!

Thank you for the dinner and earrings, my dear Karats! Had some wine and was tipsy also. Clearly, I can't drink to save my life. My parents should have trained me when I was younger. I could have drank more and still be able to think normally.

I'm happy that I was well-fed during my birthday!

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