Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

So Ayesha, Charmaine and I had our celebratory trip to celebrate our freedom after 3 years of degree last June! We saved and managed to find a cheap deal at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang! I was excited because it's my first time staying at Hard Rock and I read many reviews on it and saw pretty pictures of the swimming pool area!!! (I was excited about the slides!!!)

Car shot as we make our way to Hard Rock!

We got a good view of The Beatles' butt from the balcony.

Doing crazy faces on the beach.

Pedicure perfect for the trip!

It was a first time for me to dine in a Hard Rock Cafe so was impressed with the food actually! This is the twisted Mac & Cheese, even the pasta is in a spiral shaped!

Well, three of us shared that and the tortilla/ I forgot the name of this dish for dinner cause the portion is big.

Then Ayesha went outside and told me to distract Kepo so that she could arrange something with the waiters and the plan worked!

The entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday and they gave a cheesecake to Kepo. Quite a nice cake too, not too rich.

This was a gift as well. :) Too bad all three of us were looking in different directions. After dinner, we went to walk around the Batu Ferrighi Night Market.

The next day, we went food hunting in the city for the usual, Asam Laksa and Char Kuey Teow and had seafood dinner at Golden Thai Restaurant before taking the last walk around the Batu Ferringhi night market.

On the last day we checked out and went to hunt for famous food again according to the food map from the hotel. Look at Ayesha, so happy after she found her Fried carrot cake! She saw this stall on TV and from then on it was a hunt for this.

Just the other day, we celebrated her birthday at The Hills Restaurant.
Now you guys can see my new hairstyle! Feel like going shorter so might do it when it's time to touch up my roots.

Ok I am still shocked whenever I think about this but last Wednesday, I received my first freebie from work and we, interns were not given freebies at work at all since we started. The shock factor was the person who gave me the freebie, she's not exactly the nicest person since I started my internship. Another shock factor was HOW DOES SHE KNOW I LOVE NAIL POLISHES??? There has to be a hidden agenda somewhere.

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