Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Roxy's Dare Yourself Day 2: Day out in Sunway Lagoon!

Well, yesterday was a very sad day for us Malaysians because elections was yet again won by the government using their sneaky, conniving ways of recounting ballots, giving presents to rural towns and blaming it on the Chinese. They better step it up since they won unfairly. We won't give up because there's still the 2018's election. I'll be there this time!

Back to my Roxy Girl adventure! This is what happened at Day 2, 9 April 2013. We had an awesome time in Sunway Lagoon!

I was super excited for this because we got to do Wave Riding again and we got to try a different board too this year! It's like a mini surfboard but thinner and it was hard! I managed to stand for a few seconds without holding onto the instructor's arm but I crashed into the water but it was FUN!

I seriously want to get that Rash Vest! Too bad I don't see it in stores. So helpful against fashion disasters and it also covers your tummy.

All 15 Roxy Girls after the wave riding session! From top left: Ramona, Natasha, Geena, Dora (Who just joined us that day!), Syazza and Diandra.
From bottom left: Ry-Ann, Jessica, Cheyenne, Yasyka, Ana, Aamelia, me, Kimberly and Celine.

Us resting while waiting for our turn for a photoshoot session.

After the photoshoot, we set off to ride on the ATV's!

It was a little slow. Poor Ana, her ATV's engine kept dying cause it was too slow. After the ATV, we went on the flying fox! It was the first time I tried Sunway's Flying Fox and it was alright! Felt a bit of an adrenaline rush but I prefer the adrenaline kick I got from the mini surfboard because you'll feel like you're floating on water and about to fall at the same time. Too complicated to explain but a must TRY!

Off to lunch after the Flying Fox! Has Spaghetti Bolognese and it was a nice portion and the taste was ok. We went to do some video recordings after that and one of the stuffs we did was formed the Roxy word on the sand. I will post the video done by the official photographers in the next post which will be about the Fashion Show! 

We got to play the rides after we're done with everything so the first thing we went  onto was the Vuvuzela,  the world's largest water slide! We went on that ride 3 times cause it was that good! MUST GO! Here's Ana's video where it shows a scene where we ride on the Vuvuzela.

The next day, my whole body was in pain and my neck hurt so bad. I can conclude that going to Sunway Lagoon is a workout except you don't feel like you're sweating most of the time.

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