Saturday, July 25, 2015

Awesome maki's in Umai-ya

Thanks to the really awesome discount vouchers that went rampant years ago, I had the chance to nom on the wide variety of makis' that they have. The makis in Umai-ya are the best that I ever had but did their quality remain the same now that we are in 2015? I say YES!

My little sister and I treated the fam-bam to a meal at Umai-ya and sure enough we ordered the makis and with other type of dishes this time. Also they ran out of avocados that time so expect less green peeking out of the sushi. Check out the makis that we ordered. Sadly I can't remember the names of the makis but you can always use my pictures for reference when you're looking through the menu.
This was yummy! I think tuna mayo is an underrated sushi ingredient because it's not considered as an expensive ingredient compared to the raw tuna.

Deep fried soft shell crab sushi with some fish roe too is for those who likes their sushi crispy! The sauce in the middle is also really nice with a nice amount of heat to it.

Some tuna, salmon and tempura flakes wedged inside a sushi covered in bonito flakes which tasted nice if you are a fan of sashimi sushi.

We ordered a wide variety of makis to try as many as we can! This one has soft shell crab inside with some cucumber and it's topped with unagi slices and fish roe on top. Really yummy too!

This is chawanmushi inside egg shells and topped with some fish roe, chicken and smaller fish roe. The chawanmushi is not overcooked and it's really smooth too!

Some fresh Salmon, Butterfish and Sweet prawns sashimi to add some natural sweetness to our belly. 

Cha Soba.
This came in a huge bowl of ice to keep the noodles cool. Nothing much to shout about here.

Sukiyaki. Their sukiyaki is already cooked beforehand so no flames involved but you get to add the meat and egg separately. Best to cook the meat and egg when it is still hot.

We ordered the Beef Tongue which came as a Cook It Yourself (CIY) hot grill. It was a decent portion for the 5 of us to eat about 1-2 slices each.

It's really tender and actually sweet! Best if you can have it rare or medium rare so it's more juicy!

KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Average, about RM18 above
Service- 6/10
Variety- 8/10

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